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Visit fruitful, says Rao

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Visit fruitful, says Rao

СНПЧ А7 Ульяновск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Visit fruitful, says Rao

Vijay Darda


The prime minister, Mr. P V Narasimha Rao, on Wednesday, described his talks with the Chinese premier, Mr. Li Peng, as ‘fruitful’ and ‘full of mutual promises.

Mr. Rao made these observations during his over hour-long meeting with the Chinese president and Communist Party general secretary, Mr. Jiang Zemin.

Referring to the peace and tranquility agreement with his Chinese counterpart, Mr. Rao said during his visit, both the countries exploited the opportunity amply to move towards the solution of the vexed issue of border dispute, and claimed that both parties had been able to make a dent into the problem to a great extent.

Mr. Rao pointed out that as the years go by, the concept of the ‘Panchsheel’, enunciated 40 years ago, was becoming more and more relevant. In several areas of development, he said. India and China found their positions very similar and this provided the basis for the two countries to work closely and coordinate on the vital issues, so closely related to the well-being of the people of both the countries.

Mr. Rao emphasised that such coordinated efforts should result in concrete measures and discussions on these should take place at all levels, i.e. at the party level as well as government level.

Speaking on the economic liberalisation, with specific reference to the two nations, the Chinese president, Mr. Jiang Zemin, opined it was in the interest of both India and China that they learned from each other’s experience in this field.

China’s experience with socialistic pattern of market had borne fruits and, at the same time, thrown up certain problems and challenges, which could provide a practical clue to the process of economic reforms in India, he said.

Mr. Rao in his response said that India, which was experimenting with market economy, was committed to carry out reforms ‘with a human face.

The mixed economy, for which foundations were laid by the late Pandit Nehru, and which the country had went ahead with boldly, had provided the nation with enough courage to open out to global competition.

Talking about the ongoing changes in the international order, they shared the view that India and China should work together to promote the cause of developing countries.

A foreign ministry spokesman quoting the Indian officials — Mr. R.L. Bhatia and Mr. Bhuvanesh Chaturvedi — said during Mr. Rao’s visit, India was assured by China that the latter would never favour any Pakistani misadventure against India. Instead, the sources disclosed, China made it quite clear that it had advised Pakistan against any proxy war against India.

On the question of Tibet, the Chinese gave subtle hints that India should not allow the Tibetan refugees to affect the socio-political conditions within India, the foreign ministry spokesman revealed.

The peace talks conducted in an amicable atmosphere seemed to be percolating right down the hierarchy. With the Indian prime minister and his Chinese counterpart holding ‘successful’ talks on the points of mutual interest, a new era of ‘Hindi Chini bhai bhai’ seems to have been ushered in Sino-Indian ties, highly placed sources opined.

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