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Please, Don't Play Politics in Name of Farmers..!

I want to appreciate Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for waiving the farmers' debt to the tune of Rs 36,000 crore in one stroke. The measure has benefitted 2.30 crore farmers of his state. He has fulfilled his election promise. Now, the question is why are not other states taking such a step? I would like to specially mention Maharashtra which witnesses the suicide of one or the other farmer everyday due to the debt burden. It is estimated that more than 30,000 farmers and agricultural labourers committed suicide in Maharashtra between 2009 and 2016.
Other states too are sailing in the same boat. The farmers there too are plagued with indebtedness. Of the 16.5 lakh farmers of Haryana, 15.36 lakh farmers are in debt. They have a cumulative debt of Rs 56,336 crore. There is a debt of Rs 63,000 crore on farmers in Punjab. In Rajasthan, there are 12.5 lakh indebted farmers. Now, the question arises that when the situation is so bad, why are the Central and State Governments not looking for the way to get the farmers rid of their debt burden? In the Rajya Sabha, I raised this question many times and cited facts and figures to highlight the pitiable condition of the farmers in Maharashtra and other states in the country. I would like to remind that in the year 2008, when Dr Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister, the debt of farmers to the tune of Rs 71,000 crore was waived across the country. Why are Modi government and Maharashtra Government along with the BJP governments of other states of the country not taking any major decision in this matter? Especially in Maharashtra, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis should take the decision of immediate debt waiver.
Let's look at some data which makes it clear what attitude the governments have towards farmers. As per the official figures, there are 11.88 crore farmers who cultivate their land in this country. Most of them have less than 2 acres of land. Almost 14.4 crore people work with these farmers. They are called agricultural labourers whose livelihood is directly related to farming. That is, about 26 crore people are getting employment from agriculture and the contribution of agriculture to the country's gross domestic product (GDP) is 14 per cent. On the contrary, if you take a look at the industries, then only 3 crore people are employed, but the industry is the beneficiary of government's favour. Seeing the debt figure on farmers across the country, it is about 12.6 lakh crore. You would be surprised to know that between the financial years 2013 and 2016, the industrialists of the country were given a tax waiver of Rs 17.15 lakh crore. I am not against industries being promoted or granted tax waiver. But the question is 'why only the industrialists should enjoy and farmers should continue to commit suicide?'
Some people question the necessity for loan waiver, saying what problem can it solve? Farmers will again take a loan, and the cycle will continue! I believe that if a patient is groaning with severe pain, he should be given a pain-killer pill first and then the wound should be treated.
Compared to other countries in the world, our farmers are in a constant state of poverty. If you consider the condition of agriculture in countries like America, Australia, New Zealand and Israel, it is considered a matter of pride to do farming. The governments give a lot of subsidies to the farmers. Farming has got the status of industry there. What is the situation in our country is not hidden from anyone.
Our governments have never even tried to make the farmers modern. Most of our farmers still suffer from a shortage of modern farming tools, good manure and quality seeds. There is huge black marketing of manure. And who knows better than farmers the way the market is flooded with spurious manure and seeds? When the seeds themselves are spurious what crop can they yield? There are no means of irrigation, so farmers depend on the vagaries of nature. During Indira Gandhi's prime ministership, large canals were built in different parts of the country, most of which are now useless.
The scandals that have emerged in recent years regarding new irrigation tools have created apprehensions. In 2012, it emerged in Maharashtra that a huge sum of Rs 70,000 crore was spent to strengthen the irrigation system in one decade, but the coverage of the irrigated land increased by only 0.1 per cent. Many big names are involved in this scam.
We have fixed the purchase price of the crops but farmers do not get fair prices. A caucus of middlemen is dominant in the market that does not allow any plan to succeed.
One reason is that the problem of farmers has become a victim of politics. Political parties pay attention to farmers’ problems only at the time of election. In fact, we have to strictly ensure transparency in cases related to farmers and see to it that scandal-tainted get immediate punishment. It is also necessary to construct small ponds at village level and take care of old ponds. I would like to commend Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who has done excellent work to increase the water storage capacity under the Jalayukt Shivar Yojna.
Because if the rainwater is swept away, where will the water for the crop come in summer days? Along with this, his initiative in maintaining and improving the quality of soil is also very commendable. I also appreciate the work done by former minister Amrish Patel in the interest of farmers or the way Aamir Khan has raised the issue of farmers. My candid opinion is that to improve the status of farmers of this country, the Central government should immediately implement the report of the Swaminathan Committee. To overcome the difficulties of farmers, all political parties will have to rise above narrow concerns of politics and work for the farmers’ welfare.
Before I conclude
It was reassuring to read the news that Indian Railways has cancelled licences of 16 food contractors and put them on black list. These contractors were not serving good and fresh food to the passengers. In fact, Indian Railways is infamous for the poor quality of food served on trains. In recent years, the campaign has been started to improve the quality. But strict steps need to be taken to mend the ways of the contractors who are inured to serve poor quality food since decades! It is expected that at least in respect of food and cleanliness, the Indian Railways should enhance the image of India!

India’s Young Generation Trapped by Porn Addiction

News is here that the government of India has banned 3000 porn websites that displayed the child porn content. Definitely this is a good move but the biggest question is: When there are more than 26 crore websites in the world of internet that are ready to serve at the click of a button, what impact will this move of closing down 3000 websites have?
If these sites are closed, people will go to other sites. Before guessing at the extent of porn market in India, have a look at some of the global statistics.
A survey was conducted concerning some of the porn websites in the world. Some surveys were also released by one of the most viewed porn websites that highlighted the fact that around 30 crore people are found watching the porn anytime i.e. when you are reading this article, 30 crore people are watching the porn websites all over the world. The percentage of the Indian viewers is substantial. India comes third after the US and the UK in terms of traffic on the porn sites. The statistics reveal that Filipinos top the list of porn viewership, spending 12 minutes 45 seconds on porn sites, Americans spend 9 minutes and 51 seconds and Australians spend 9 minutes and 36 seconds. We Indians come fourth spending 9 minutes 30 seconds. Of Indians addicted to porn films, 47.5 per cent use the desktop and 49.9 per cent use mobile phone to watch them. The remaining 2.6 per cent use the tablet. It is clear that mobile phone is being largely used to watch the pornographic content.
Now let us look at which of our states are biggest porn lovers. Maximum traffic on porn sites is from Delhi, Punjab, Jammu, Rajasthan and eastern states.  The statistics further reveal that Indians watch 7.32 pages of porn sites in one session while the global average is 7.6. It means we are only little behind. The average of Mizoram and Delhi per session is 8 pages. Once an Indian accesses a porn website, he stays there for 8.22 minutes. This is just 33 second less than the global average. This is no less a wonder that one fourth of Indians watching the porn are women. They search the lesbian category the most.
In this context, I would like to cite an instance which was highlighted by the media.  A woman in Pune would call 4 minor girls to her everyday to show them the porn films on the mobile phone. Coincidentally, a child informed her mother about this and the secret was out. Police also registered the case but our law on porn is so lenient that you cannot expect the sentence to be stringent. It goes without saying that the porn sites have played havoc in India. Particularly, our young generation has been badly trapped by the porn addiction. I am deeply worried about this issue since years and during my 18 years of tenure in Rajya Sabha I have raised this issue several times and demanded the strengthening of law against the porn. In April 2015, I had submitted in the Rajya Sabha a petition that bore the signature of the revered Jain monk Shri Vijayratnasundar Suriji Maharaj wherein I had said that there were 1 crore 40 lakh porn sites in the world which have now spiralled up to 26 crore. I had also demanded the constitution of a cyber cell like the NIA so that the porn sites in India could be tracked and banned. Whoever I talked to supported my contention that the porn sites should be banned. But I am surprised that no move has been made to either impose a total ban on porn sites or frame a stringent law against it.
I would like to inform you that there is the provision of death sentence on viewing or filming the porn in North Korea and Iran. I am not a supporter of the death sentence but there definitely can be the provision for stringent punishment. Moreover, why no action is being taken against the sites whereon porn videos are being uploaded? Many foreigners come to India every year to film porn videos and they are helped in this nefarious activity by the local criminals. These videos are sold for a premium in the overseas market. China and Taiwan have taken a strict action against the porn sites and sex toys but India has done none of the kind. Shops selling sex toys in Europe are as common as our neighborhood stores selling toys for kids. Though our country does not have the shops selling sex toys, they are easily home delivered through the Internet. We do not have any system that could enable us to check what a couriered package contains. Even the government is aware of the fact that the sex toys are being smuggled in and sold in the country.
It is certain that if the government continues its lackadaisical attitude towards this serious issue, the day is not far when the porn will destroy our culture completely. Even otherwise a section of the society is emerging in the country which is supporting ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ in the name of humanity and emotion. The metropolitan cities have the organisations espousing their cause and this weird culture is fast spreading like wildfire. We have a former king who is openly proud of being gay and whichever city he reaches, he is welcomed by a section of the society. He also gets a lot of publicity in the media. My question is will we let our culture be destroyed in the name of humanity and emotion? Our dress styles have already changed. Bangles and bindis are disappearing. Will the market for sex open too? This is a grave issue. You think at your own level so that the government will also feel compelled to think over this issue! There is no doubt that due to the proliferation of porn sites, the incidents of sexual harassment of minor girls in India have increased.
Before I conclude
I salute all those officers, engineers and personnel who have bored the 9.2 km modern tunnel between Jammu and Srinagar within the span of just four years and six months. This is the longest tunnel in Asia. The construction of this tunnel had begun during the tenure of Dr. Manmohan Singh. Considering the geographical and natural circumstances there, the task was not easy. There was also the shadow of terror on the project but the valiant engineers and workers carved out the tunnel. This tunnel has reduced the distance between Jammu and Srinagar by 31 km. Due to the construction of this tunnel between Chaini and Nashri we hope that the problem of snowfall which causes the traffic jam between Jammu and Srinagar will be overcome.  Naturally, this is a moment of pride..!

He has Proved Himself to be a Real ‘Sartaj’

There is an explosion in a train at Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh, and the blast trail links the incident to Lucknow. A young man named Saifullah is found to be the mastermind of the blast and is later killed in an encounter. Police wanted to hand over the body to his family but the youth’s father Mohammad Sartaj refused to accept it. He says, “He who could not be loyal to the country, how could he be my son?”
I do not remember any such event when a terrorist’s father refused to accept the body because the son was a terrorist. In the Kashmir valley of our own country, a large crowd of stone throwers gather to save the militants when security personnel chase them. Under these circumstances the message of Mohammad Sartaj is very important. This incident of giving priority to the country than the son is a poignant story, reflective of human emotion. One cannot even imagine that Mohammed Sartaj did not love his son! Every father loves his son. Sartaj too loved his son and that is why he was trying every possible method to bring him on the right track.
Just imagine how horrific an experience it would be for a father to know that his son was a terrorist. There is no greater crime in the world than sedition and Saifullah committed that crime. In such a situation, what Mohammed Sartaj decided is something all of us should be proud of. Union home minister Rajnath Singh said that the whole Lok Sabha was  proud of Sartaj’s decision.
Personally, I believe that Sartaj has really proven himself as a Sartaj. His decision will force not only the minority community but also the majority community to take a fresh look at their perspective. In discussions people say that every Muslim is not a terrorist. This is true. How can we assume the mindset of some people to be the mindset of the entire community? Some people also question why every terrorist is a Muslim? These are the words of logic and slander, but the reality is that at this time a large section of the majority community looks upon Muslim community with suspicion. If you take a closer look around then you will find that this view is visible everywhere. Hopefully, Mohammed Sartaj’s decision will put an end to this view.
So, the question arises how this view was created? It seems that political leaders and religious fanatics have played an important role in this. The manner in which the Hindu-Muslim issues were raised for the polarisation of votes in Uttar Pradesh elections is not in the interest of the country at all. If the ruling class begins to behave like this to capture power, then isn’t it unfortunate that such kind of wrong message is being sent out? The country will have to pay a heavy price for the sin our politicians are committing by resorting to the issue of temple-mosque, and by talking the language of ‘Smashan’ and ‘Kabrastan’.
Though there is no doubt that the attitude towards the Muslims has been influenced by the international conditions that have only added fuel to the fire. Though we blame Pakistan also, but I am always surprised at how the other country is able to have its way within our country. Why youths among us have strayed from the right path? This is a serious issue and our politicians should think seriously on this because they have messed up the atmosphere with their pronouncements.
I especially want to emphasise that the entire Indian society needs to change its attitude. Just as Hindus are patriots, in the same way Muslims are also patriots. How can anyone raise question about their patriotism? You look at the freedom movement. Muslims rubbed shoulders with Hindus in their fight for independence. Asafaq Ullah, the kingpin of Kakori conspiracy, the non-violent leader of the war of independence against the British in the North-West Frontier Province Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt’s lawyer Asaf Ali, one of the founders of the Gadar Party Abdul Hafiz Mohammad Barkatullah, Syed Hassan Imam who ran Khilafat movement in Bihar and led the civil disobedience movement, and how can we forget Badruddin Tyabji, the first Muslim president of Congress?
The ‘Muthya’ movement, which was based on collecting a handful of grain from every house for the freedom struggle, was led by Gafoor Ahmed Ajaji, a Muslim. Leave aside new generation, many elders may not be aware of the fact that Bakht Khan Rohilla had wrested Delhi from the British in the Revolution of 1857. From June to September 1857 under his leadership the revolutionaries were occupying Delhi. These revolutionaries were Hindus, Muslims and also Sikhs and Christians. How can the contribution of Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Saifuddin Kichloo, Maulana Mazharul Haq be forgotten? Religious leader Maulana Abdul Aziz’s disciple Syed Ahmed Shahid went to Afghanistan to form a government of India in exile so that the British could be banished. Maulana Mehmood Hassan alias Shakhul Hind launched a ‘Reshmi Rumal’ campaign against the British. He sought help from the Khalifa of Turkey for revolt against the British in India. The British had sent him to Malta Island. When he came to Mumbai after serving the sentence, Gandhiji himself came to welcome him.
I’m mentioning only a few names here. There is such a long list. Do you know that thousands of Muslims are working in Indian intelligence agencies? Lakhs of Muslims are working in Army and paramilitary forces. None of them can be questioned on patriotism, then why is the society going in the direction of isolation? Why ordinary Muslims are looked upon with suspicion. Can you categorise APJ Abdul Kalam into Muslims and Hindus? You cannot categorise him. Actually there is a need to change this perspective. And yes, the leaders of Muslim society also have to take initiative for this. It takes two to make a clap!
Before I conclude
The results of Uttar Pradesh Assembly election have proved that the charisma of Narendra Modi has remained intact. His leadership and Amit Shah’s skillful strategy have made the BJP triumphant in UP. The victory of BJP in Deoband and other Muslim-dominated areas have proved that the people have risen above religion and caste to repose this incredible trust. It is clear that the huge victory has entrusted Narendra Modi with a greater responsibility. Greetings also to Congress leadership for victory in Punjab and emerging as the largest party in Goa and Manipur but they need to engage in deep self-introspection.


Factionalism, Sycophancy big Enemies of Congress

It is worth noting that the Congress has the youngest leadership in the form of Rahul Gandhi but the youth of this country is relying on 66-year-old Narendra Modi and is voting for him. This is certainly the most important question for the Congress. We will try to find out the answer to this question. But first of all, look at some statistics that explain the miserable condition of Congress.
We all know that in the 2014 elections, Narendra Modi came from regional politics and entered national politics like a hurricane and swept the political spectrum. At the time of his arrival, the Bharatiya Janata Party was ruling the country’s over 24 per cent of the population in 7 states. The Congress held power over 13 states, but in 3 years the situation completely reversed.
After the 2017 Assembly elections, the BJP has a coalition government in 14 states and it is ruling over 56 per cent of the population. Congress has been reduced to only 6 states. In Bihar, it is just a minor coalition partner of the ruling party. Now look at some more data. The Congress which was once considered the symbol of freedom of India and used to be the only party in India whose existence was from north to south and from east to west and was in every village and town, the same Congress has been out of power in Tamil Nadu for the last 50 years, for 40 years in West Bengal, 28 years in Uttar Pradesh, 27 years in Bihar, 22 years in Gujarat, 17 years in Odisha and 14 years each in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. In West Bengal, after Siddhartha Shankar Ray, the power slipped out of Congress’ hands, and then it never got it back. The last chief minister of the Congress in Tamil Nadu was Bhaktavatsalam in 1967. Now even the eastern states are also going out of the hands of the Congress.
The Congress is the party which developed the thinking about how to save lives of farmers, labourers, poor, dalits and neglected people. It is clearly a secular party. Why, therefore, did the Congress fall on evil days? There was a time when its leaders worked to unite the country and it was considered a matter of pride to be its member. Then what caused this steep downfall? There is no harm in accepting that the Bharatiya Janata Party has strengthened itself and attracted people towards its ideology, but the truth is that the Congress has weakened itself so that the BJP did not have to face resistance. In a way, the Congress gave the BJP an open field. On one hand BJP was strengthening its cadre and on the other the Congress cadre was fading out. While the BJP was strengthening its underprivileged organisations, the Congress had left the Seva Dal, Youth Congress, NSUI and Mahila Congress to the winds. The truth is that these organisations of Congress are almost dead. There is no plan or goal to revive them.
It was ironic that factionalism in the party reached the peak. Sycophants became the rulers and in the states such leaders were born who have no rapport with the common man. I believe that leader should be like Indira Gandhi, Nitish Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee, who are always available to the public. Today the leaders of Congress are not available to the common man. If you go to the states and look at the Congress leaders, then you will understand what their level is? The Congress sometimes becomes a victim of confusion. The Congress felt that the demonetisation will compel the people to oust Narendra Modi. In this delusion, it got the support of Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh. Result? In 2012, the Congress had 28 seats, which was reduced to 7 in 2017. Should the reasons for such confusion not be reviewed?
I believe that the attitude of the Congress leaders should also be reviewed. I congratulate Sonia Gandhi that she saved the Congress in the worst days. After that, Congress had been in power for 10 years. Many schemes were implemented but their credit did not go to Congress. Now the BJP is pushing those plans forward and is claiming the credit. Had the Congress leaders wished they could have told the people what the Congress government was doing, but they were only trying to settle scores with each other. They kept sniping at their own people. Amidst the allegations of corruption, unemployment and dictatorship, the power was lost. But was it really corruption? They were not scams but it can be said that they were the decisions that were taken according to the immediate circumstances. In those cases, Congressmen did not spare their own party men. On the other side, you see the BJP. Such a big scam like ‘Vyapam’ came to light, but did BJP allow any of its leaders to be trapped? In fact, the BJP party men protect their fellows while Congressmen settle the scores with the people of their own party.
Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi are working very hard but the sluggishness of the other leaders is proving fatal for the Congress. In Goa, Congress emerged as the single largest party. It needed support of only 4 MLAs for majority, while the BJP had to muster support of 8 MLAs. The same was the case in Manipur. In order to assume power, Congress needed support of only 3 MLAs while BJP had to get the support of 10 MLAs.
As soon as the results were declared in Goa, the BJP took immediate action while the Congress only waited for the governor to invite the party to form government. Power slipped out of hand! I am really amused when Congressmen say that BJP used money to come to power. Indeed, the Congress has the last chance to set its own house in order. If the Congress fails to manage itself even now, then the day is not far when Narendra Modi’s dream of ‘Congress free India’ will come true!
Before I conclude
I met a girl named Shirin Tabassum on Thursday. She does not have hands, just a little stump of the side near the shoulder. She does not even have a foot but overcoming these physical weaknesses she has completed her graduation and is now preparing for the UPSC examination to become an IAS officer. She looks full of confidence. My eyes suddenly fell on her arms, on which she had drawn ‘mehndi’. It is called courage and passion! I leaned forward and I bowed to her. We all start to puff and pant when faced with a little bit of trouble but the confidence that I saw in her was unmatched. Given her courage, she has been awarded Vidarbha-level Lokmat Sakhi Award in the bravery category. Shirin is actually a motivation for all those who are struggling with difficulties. My salutations to Shirin Tabassum’s courage!




Only Inclusive Ideologies Survive!

A traumatic situation of intolerance is prevailing these days. An ideology is evolving rapidly that is not just rejecting all other ideologies but also boasts of finishing them off soon. I have seen several eras from childhood to the present age.  I was a member of the Rajya Sabha for 18 years and I saw divergent opinions being expressed in the august House. I saw one member trying to prove another wrong but the present era is more worrisome because competition has transformed into revenge. There was never a time earlier when anybody spoke of destroying other school of thinking!
This new ideology which is flourishing now has severe limitations within. It does not have patience nor energy to listen to others. It is too impatient. As a result, the ideology of arrogance is hell-bent on crossing  the borders of civilized discourse. As soon as a note of dissent is heard at  a college or university, this group is ready to clash and fight the opponents. The situation is such as to make one doubt whether these intolerant elements are being patronised by those in power. It's really dangerous situation. Divergent thoughts and ideas are the bedrock of democracy. If words begin to lose their meaning who will protect democracy? Democracy means that there is place for every ideology. The nature of democracy should be tolerant.  If bigotry begins to dominate in a democracy, we can safely conclude that we are on the wrong path.
So what is the right way? The overenthusiastic proponents of ideology of incitement must understand that insistence for any new ideology can prove suicidal. Consider this, thousands of schools of thoughts have emerged in the known history of mankind. Some emerged in the name of religion,  some on race and some in the name of self-interest. But all such ideologies have met with premature death because they did not have place for the views of others. So many babas had floated their ideologies but none survived. Yes, the thoughts that accommodated other ideas, ideologies were recorded in golden letters on the pages of history.
I would like to give the example of the ideologies of Buddha, Mahavira,Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Ambedkar which still are alive and are guiding us. Gautama Buddha did not call anybody wrong nor Mahavira called anybody wrong. Their ideologies teach those in the wrong to take the right path. Their ideologies were for humanity. There was no insistence in their thoughts. It is the result of the prevalence of ideas that the world still pays tribute to them.
Now let’s have a look at the most powerful thinking of the modern age. It is the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi. Do we know that many schools of thoughts are involved in Gandhi's ideology? While studying in England, Gandhi read Gita translated by Sir Edwin Arnold. Gita’s approach made him karmayogi. Apart from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, he studied a lot of books on Jainism and Buddhism. It is this study that strengthened his faith in truth, non-violence and renunciation. 
Christian scripture the New Testament and Sermon on the Mount also influenced Gandhi's ideas. He got the wisdom of non-violent resistance from Jesus' words- "Forgive them for they know not what they are doing." The three great philosophers John Ruskin, Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau and Tolstoy profoundly influenced him and Gandhiji took inspiration from Thoreau for his civil disobedience. He took inspiration from John Ruskin's book  and  learned to respect manual labor and considered that economic system ideal as best serves everyone’s interests. He accepted Tolstoy's thinking that the Kingdom of God is within us. This sentence made him resolute in his faith towards theism.
Many elements are involved in the ideology of Gandhiji. That is to say, it is the inclusion of ideas from any ideology. If you analyse the word ideology, you find that it is made of two words 'idea' and 'stream': The flow of ideas. It is like a flowing river. Ganga originates from the Himalayas, its stream is not as broad as it seems in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar or West Bengal.
 Apparently during its long and meandering journey, the Ganges absorbs many small rivers along the way. Ganga is inclusive. It meets every other river and when it gets in the ocean, it becomes vast. If you go to Amarkantak,  you only  see a small stream of water flowing from a reservoir in the name of Narmada, but as the river approaches the state of  Gujarat Narmada becomes extremely broad. Obviously this happens because of the inclusion of other rivers. If other rivers were not to be  included, how will these rivers grow? The same analogy applies to ideas. Ideas will become ideology only when you consider and respect the views of others.
Before I conclude
'The Demographic Future', a book by the American political economist Nicholas Eberstadt has hit the stands. Nicholas has in the book said that by 2030 more than a quarter of men in China over the age of 30 will be bachelors. The other news is that by 2020 the number of singles in China will exceed three crores.  Indeed, before 2015 there was one-child policy in China. Everyone wanted a son and this has upset the sex ratio. Now there are just 100 girls only for 126 boys. 
Rural youths have no girls to marry . In many villages, 40 percent of men are bachelors. Even if this is the  problem of China,  we must also be worried. If we do not change the attitude towards girls and continue to crave for sons, how long will it take for the situation to deteriorate?