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Masood Azhar is cat’s-paw for China!

Some incorrigibly optimist people in India were expecting that China could cooperate with the International Security Council to announce Masood Azhar as the global terrorist this time around. Actually it is difficult to imagine such a turn. China did what it was expected to do. It does not care that Masood Azhar is an evil face of terrorism at this time and  it is very important to crack him down. China only cares for its own interests and that’s why China saved Masood for the fourth time in a row. Masood is the darling of Pakistan.
China serves its many interests in saving Masood. The first thing is ‘enemy of enemy is your friend’! China has always treated India as an enemy. Pakistan also treats India as an enemy. In this way China and Pakistan became friends. This friendship has not started today. It’s there from the beginning. In  1950s, China had widened the Karakoram Pass so that economic and strategic activities could be increased with Pakistan. The current round of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is on the same lines. Here in 1963, Pakistan gifted the territory of Hunza Gilgit to China in the occupied area of Kashmir (PoK). This area is also called the Trans-Karakoram track.
Obviously, China has always kept trying to keep Pakistan under its own wings so that India could be disturbed. It is annoyed with India for giving refuge to Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama and his exiled government. However, before Pakistan could move forward in friendship with China, the US jumped into the fray. America had problems with China and with India too because of India’s alliance with the Soviet Union. There was Cold War then between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. The US showered the dollars on Pakistan and the latter simply rolled in wealth. Thus Pak-US love story began to grow. Even today, Pakistan owes US $ 60 billion. When the US took the hands off it, Pakistan immediately crossed over to China. China was ready to welcome Pakistan on its lap. Since both had a common enemy in India, their relationship became cozy.
Now, look at this friendship in the context of Masood Azhar’s entry. This Pakistani terrorist was arrested in India in 1994, but the BJP government bent backwards before the hijackers after an aircraft was hijacked to Afghanistan in 1999. After this, he not only became a hero among the terrorists but also became the favourite of the Pakistani army. When the Tehrik-i-Taliban opened a front against Pakistan, then the Pakistani intelligence agency oversaw the entry of many terrorists into Jaish-e-Mohammad, the terror outfit led by Masood Azhar. Obviously, Pakistan has brought up Masood only to terrorise India. He has been supplied weapons by the Pakistan army.
China knows well that Masood heads a dreaded organisation and at this time it is too powerful! China also requires great support from him. Indeed, China has ruined the lives of Uyghur Muslims in its bid to crush extremism in its Xinjiang province. There the Muslims can not keep long beard and burqa can not be worn in public places. In 2014, there was a ban on keeping ‘roza’ during “Ramadan”. They were ordered to deposit the copies of the Holy Quran. The situation deteriorated to such an extent that the Chinese army caught hold of whoever they suspected to be religious, and put them behind the bars. These prisoners are called the Correctional Home by China. Millions of Muslims are locked up in these jails but it is astonishing that no Muslim country is raising the voice against ill-treatment meted out to Uyghur Muslims. China fears that if Masood Azhar is touched, then he could create a furore in Xinjiang province. Terrorists like Masood Azhar, Hafiz Saeed, and other terrorist organisations, which harp on the issue of Kashmir, have kept silence about the oppression of Uyghur Muslims.
China is also afraid that if it does not support Masood, then the $ 46 billion invested in the Economic Corridor will be stuck in crisis. Masood will not let it work in Pakistan. Since terrorism is part of Pakistan’s security policy, the army and its intelligence agencies will not be able to work for China. That is why China has been patronising Masood Azhar.

What has Congress done?

All the parties have contributed to the progress of the country in their times, but some people are asking an absurd question
I vividly remember an anecdote from Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s days. When he came to power, he found that Nehruji's photograph in the corridor of Parliament was missing. He immediately asked who removed the photograph. Nobody took responsibility, but the next day the photo was back in its place. When Nehruji was the Prime Minister, he used to give every opportunity to Atalji to speak though the latter was in the opposition. Today's politics is exactly opposite. There is no respect left for each other - now everybody is trying to defame the other. The white lie is being uttered freely. The leaders forget that the people have grown wiser and know everything.
One such white lie is becoming a part of the country's politics these days. The senior leaders of the BJP are claiming that there had been no development during the Congress rule. Only BJP is bringing about development! The question crops up: If the Congress did nothing in its long tenure, how did the country reach to the present height? Why do not these people remember that when the country became free, we had nothing worthwhile to boast about. Was it an easy task to get the country into today's situation? We should be thankful to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru who outlined the development of the country from the perspective of industrial revolution and science. He promoted the idea within the country that factories are the modern temples of development. Who can deny that it was of Nehruji’s vision that today we identify ourselves as an industrialised country. It is the gift of Nehruji to us all.
How can we forget Lal Bahadur Shastri, who gave the slogan of 'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan'. At his call, the country had given up one meal at a time.
How can we forget the Iron Lady, Indira Gandhi, who dreamt of laying a network of roads in this country and building a large number of bridges on the rivers and she fulfilled that dream.
The country is fast moving forward. Can we forget Rajiv Gandhi's contribution for the modern means of communication? Can we sideline Sanjay Gandhi, who dreamt of the automobile industry? Can we forget Chaudhary Charan Singh who brought the farmers to the ground. Can we forget Chandrashekhar who got the country out of the financial crisis? Can the contributions of Inder Kumar Gujral, who improved India's relations with the countries around the world or Manmohan Singh who opened the path of economic growth, be underestimated?
I remember the poverty in the country when the poor could not afford two square meals a day. Congress had guaranteed work for at least 100 days. There were no hospitals and there were no medicines. There were no medical equipments to check up on the patients. There was no way to know how the people died from the disease! There were no roads. When I used to go to my grandmother's house in my childhood, I used to travel the whole day to reach there. Today, the distance is not more than one and a half hours. Will Atalji not be remembered for laying the network of roads?
Those who are saying that the Congress did nothing should remember that what was the condition of the country after Independence. We did not have enough food to eat, let alone fruits. At that time if someone bought fruit, people would ask who is sick in the house? Bringing the country out of such poverty and putting it on path of progress is not a child’s play. Congress has been instrumental in bringing about this progress.
Congress took the crucial decisions like the right to information, the right to food and the right to education. Today, we see the proceedings in Parliament directly. Congress has done all this and much more. And as far as nationalism is concerned, Indira Gandhi did not care about the whole world, the way the Pakistan was divided into two. It was the act of great courage and valour. Nearly one lakh armymen of Pakistan had surrendered!
How can anyone say that the Congress has done nothing! It's a strange logic! Everyone has the right to highlight their own achievements, but the attempt to defame others is highly dispicable. If Modiji is doing a good job then we all should accept that yes he is doing well. I am a Congressman but if Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis or Union minister Nitin Gadkari is doing a good job, then I will have to accept that they are doing well.
Our ideology can be different, but this does not mean that we should malign others or forget them! This is happening today because of which the society is on the verge of social breakdown. Keep in mind that if there is no atmosphere of peace, sense of belonging and harmony in society then what kind of ambience will there be at home? We have to understand that whatever is here is right here. It is very important to remove the fog of suspicion that has settled over the country. It is the responsibility of politics and politicians.

Blast out Pakistan’s terrorist hideouts

Families of martyred soldiers may be going through traumatic times, but yet they are proud of their sacrifices
Muze Na Tan Chahiye, Na Dhan Chahiye Bas Aman Se Bhara Yah Vatan Chahiye Jab Tak Jinda Rahun, Is Matrubhumi Ke Liye Aur Jab Maru To Tiranga Kafan Chahiye
These lines spring from the heart of every Indian soldier who is ready to sacrifice for the country. Every soldier deployed on the border to safeguard the motherland is the priceless heritage of the entire country, and when someone mounts a dastardly attack on him, the blood of the countrymen starts to boil.
On Thursday, when the news about 40 personnel of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) who were killed by the militant outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed in Avantipora of Pulwama district in Kashmir broke, like every other citizen I was overwhelmed with emotion. My heart started to bleed with agony, began to boil with anger and my mind filled with the thought of taking revenge against enemies. I was pained at the thought of our country losing such a large number of soldiers in the dastardly attack, felt angry that we have not taught a lesson to the cross-border terrorists based in Pakistan who have been striking at our forces at will and going scot-free. After the Pulwama attack, every citizen of the country wants that the army should enter Pakistan and destroy the hideouts of the terrorists.
The question arises repeatedly in my mind that terrorists can no longer dare to enter in America again after the 9/11 attacks. After the 1972 Munich Olympics, the terrorists never had the courage to glance back at Israel again. Terrorist attacks in Russia went down from 144 to 30 in five years. Why is our country so helpless? From 1988 to January 7, 2018, the terrorists have mounted 47234 major and minor attacks in India. The terrorists targeted the Parliament which is the most sacred and supreme institution of democracy in our country and the Red Fort symbolising our pride. Inspite of these horrendous attacks, we could not eliminate cross-border terrorism and nor could crush the nefarious intentions of Pakistan.
In 1972, when the Palestinian terrorist organisation “Black Sept” killed 11 Israeli players in the Munich Games in Munich, this small country did not sit silent. It gave a hot chase to terrorists seeking each one of them and killing them wherever found. We have not scored any major victory against terrorism. In the nineties, the Congress government led by PV Narasimha Rao was successful in rooting out terrorism from Punjab.
We have to introspect as to why we have not been able to succeed in crushing the monster of terrorism. Either there are some weaknesses in our intelligence system or we are unable to make adequate use of the latest technology to keep an eye on terrorist acts. We need to learn strategies and skills to deal with terrorism from countries such as Israel and America. It is surprising that despite receiving the information from the intelligence network prior to the attack, we could not preempt it.
We also have to make a resolve that if Pakistan is unable to deal with the terrorists, then we should go through it and eliminate terrorist bases and terrorists. To teach Pakistan a lesson like 1971, we need passion and determination like that of Indira Gandhi.
Terrorism is a national issue, hence none need to look at it from a political perspective. Congress president Rahul Gandhi and all opposition parties have demonstrated solidarity with the government after the Pulwama attack. Priyanka Gandhi, Congress general secretary, put off her press conference in Lucknow and presented an example by paying homage to the martyrs.
When there is a sensitive issue like terrorism, there should be consensus on national issues. On the Pulwama terror attack, the opposition has given importance to the country beyond the party's interests. I congratulate them. Apart from this, the media in our country - whether it is a print media or electronic media - needs to show restraint on such occasions.
I am of the opinion that on the martyrdom of the security personnel whether of the CRPF, SRP, BSF or ITBP, they should also be given martyr’s status like the army soldiers for sacrificing their lives for the motherland. Like the families of the martyred soldiers, their families should also get all the facilities. I went to Jaisalmer and I found the jawans of border security forces safeguarding the nation just 100 meters away from the Indo-Pakistan border.
Whether the border adjoins Kashmir or Rajasthan or Gujarat or eastern Uttar Pradesh, it is only the paramilitary forces that face the firepower of enemy and grapple with them. Then why are they being deprived of the status of martyr's death on laying down their lives for the nation?
In the Pulwama attack, the martyrs’ families lost their dear ones, and the country lost its brave sons. The families of the martyrs are passing through an emotional trauma, but they are still very proud. They are stating with pride that one of their sons got martyred for the country and now they will send another one to protect ‘Bharat Mata’. The motherland which produces such brave souls can not be shaken by terrorism, even the biggest power of the world can not humble it.
Chale Gaye Jo Hasten Chale Gaye Jo Hasten Hasten Baandh Sar Par Kafan Un Shahidon Ke Balidan Ko Mera Shat-shat Naman.

Understanding motives of terrorists crucial

Social and federal solidarity is our biggest strength, our enemies want to weaken it
Post-Pulwama terror attack, every Indian is angry. Whose blood is not boiling? Who is not in grief? Every citizen is deeply shocked and sad. Everyone wants that those who masterminded the Pulwama attack be taught a quick and stern lesson! Their anger is justified, but the manner in which some people have expressed this anger on the Kashmiris is absolutely wrong.
In the aftermath of Pulwama attack, the way the angry mob burnt dozens of vehicles in Jammu, attacked the people of the valley, kept Jammu city under curfew for several days is hardly justifiable. From Dehradun to West Bengal and Maharashtra, incidents of violent attacks on the people of Kashmir were reported. There are reports that some universities also expelled Kashmiri students. It culminated in finally the central government instructing the state governments that such incidents should not happen. Despite this warning, tragic incidents took place. After this the Supreme Court had to put its foot down. A bench of CJI Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Sanjiv Khanna has issued notices to the states of Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Meghalaya and Uttar Pradesh. Notices were also issued to the chief secretaries of West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand, and the director general of police as well as Delhi police commissioner clearly instructing them that such incidents should not happen again at any cost.
The question arises as to what kind of ideology do those people who attacked the people of Kashmir after the Pulwama incident have?
Don’t they understand that the general public of Kashmir is not responsible for terrorist attacks in Kashmir. Some misguided youths, may become stone-pelters after being influenced by Pakistani propaganda and vicious cycle, but the reality is that the common man of Kashmir wants peace and happiness.
If some misguided youths have taken to the path of terrorism, there are any numbers of patriotic Kashmiris who have been fighting for the country by joining the Kashmir police, the paramilitary forces and the Army. One does not know how many have been martyred in the last few years. When Sunjwan Army camp was attacked, five Kashmiri Muslims were among the seven soldiers who were martyred. Therefore, I request you not to suspect the patriotism of people of Kashmir. They are as intensely patriotic as you and me. Do not blame the whole state for the sins of few. Just last week, a crowd of about 3,000 Kashmiri youths had turned up for recruitment in Territorial Army. If you go to Vaishno Devi, who runs the horses and the pony riding service for weak and old pilgrims? They are all Kashmiri Muslims. Kashmir was once famous all over the world for its Sufiyana style. There was no trace of fanaticism there. Pakistan and its supporters first drove the Kashmiri Pandits from there in a bid to provoke the whole country and to create a rift in India’s social harmony on a religious basis. Kashmiri Pandits had to leave the valley but the country understood the Pakistani move and it did not have any effect on our solidarity.
Every city has given shelter to Kashmiri Pandits. Fortunately, it did not generate a feeling of revenge against Kashmiri Muslims. Of course, it came as a crushing blow to terrorists and upset their plan.
Even today, we should work with the same kind of passion. We need to understand that our enemies want to create a rift in India’s social and federal structure. I have full faith that they will never succeed in their nefarious design. In India if people like Meghalaya governor Tathagat Rai support the boycott of Kashmir, the entire India stands as one to condemn and protest. They had to issue clarification. In recent years, the fanatic forces in our country have become strong but the common man of the country still believes in communal and social harmony. That’s why the designs of our enemies can never be successful.
We will have to showcase our social solidarity. Our armies will be strengthened on the border when we prevent spread of hatred and ill-will. Everyone in our country is confident that our Army will fight and eliminate each one of terrorists and one day Kashmir will again enjoy a pleasant climate of peace. Every houseboat at the Dal Lake will be full of tourists. People will enjoy Shikara ride. When tulips in Kashmir blooms, people from all over the country will flock there to see its beauty.
The fragrance of Kashmiri ‘Kesar’ will once again spread in every nook and corner of India. Let’s hope fragrance of ‘Kesar’ will overpower the smell of gunpowder.

Help accident victims without fear!

Government has framed clear rules to provide protection to those helping injured persons in road accidents
It is common in our country to see the road accident victim being left to die in agony rather than someone stepping forward to take the victim to hospital. People often turn mute spectators to such accidents. It is only after the victim succumbs that people come forward. Perhaps that’s why Josh Malihabadi has said:
Jangalon me sar patakta Jo musafir mar gaya Ab usey awaaj deta Caravan aaya toh kya
I and my family have been witness to the indifference of fellow citizens in one such accident. Recently my daughter-in-law Rachana was going by car via the six-lane Mathura-Delhi highway. My Delhi car driver Gajendra Singh was driving the car. Suddenly, he suffered brain haemorrhage and had a heart attack as well. Even in such a condition, he steered the car speeding at 100 to 120 kilometres per hour to the first lane. He parked the car and fell unconscious after placing his head on the steering wheel. Had he become unconscious on the third or fourth lane, there could have been a terrible accident. But he stopped the vehicle by taking it to a safe place. As soon as he became unconscious, Rachana got out from the car. For about 15 minutes, she kept calling for help, waving at the vehicles passing by to stop but no one bothered. Meanwhile, two people stopped. By then I also reached there with my son Devendra. We took Gajendra to the hospital, but by then he had breathed his last.
Those 15 minutes could have saved Gajendra’s life provided somebody would have responded to Rachana’s call for help and stopped by and taken the patient to the hospital.
The Save Life Foundation, a voluntary organisation, recently conducted a survey. The survey was done in 11 major cities of the country. It showed that 84 per cent of the people do not know how legal protection and facilities are available to us in helping those injured in road accidents. Even police personnel, doctors, lawyers and hospital staff are not aware of this law.
I fully agree with this survey. This survey clarifies why people are hesitant or afraid to help the injured in a road accident. There is a fear of police harassment in people’s minds. They fear that the police will interrogate them repeatedly about the accident and get them to make rounds of the police station. Instead of helping someone who saved life, the police would treat him like a criminal. If somebody takes the injured to a nearby hospital, the attitude of doctors and staff remains the same. They think it is a police case.
The feeling of saving a life is wonderful, but still we go numb and are indifferent to help. Who is responsible for this?
Central and state governments are responsible for this unfortunate situation. Those who move forward to save someone’s life in a road accident gets adequate protection through rules and regulations. The police can not ask for personal information from those helping the accident victims. They can not call them to police station again or in the name of questioning. Now private or government hospitals do not have to wait to file a police case and start treating the injured immediately. I would like to congratulate the Delhi police and Delhi government in this regard. The government and the police are constantly spreading awareness via media on measures to help people avoid road accidents, and legal protection to those who help the injured.
I have not seen the Centre or any other State government as sensitive in this case. The Mumbai police, by putting up a couple of hoardings, thinks that its duty is over.
People want to help the victims of road accidents, but they do not know about their legal rights. They still think that police will only implicate them if they help the accident victims. Not only illiterate but the highly educated too are not able to help the injured due to this ignorance. Because of this ignorance, thousands of those injured in road accidents breathe their last every year. Social and educational organisations have to cooperate in this work by going into educational institutions and residential areas. However, I appeal to you: Whatever the impediments, come forward to help and save lives so that people can say in this dark moment of humanity:
Chand haathon mein hi sahi mehfooj hain Shukra hain insaaniyat ka bhi vajood hain