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СНПЧ А7 Ульяновск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Thousands of members have graced the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of the Indian parliament) since its inception in 1952. Many illustrious personalities have served with distinction and left an indelible imprint on the nation’s polity. Vijay Darda is one such member who has performed his duties as a parliamentarian with remarkable sincerity and commitment and, apart from raising host of important issues ranging from day-to-day concerns of the people to those bearing larger systemic and national significance, he is the lone member to have mooted the idea of establishment of a House Commission to look after the whole gamut of administration of the Rajya Sabha and matters connected therewith. He moved a Private member’s bill to this effect.

While many prefer to make long speeches and others shout slogans or stall proceedings to make their presence felt, Vijay Darda remains ever steadfast in introducing and piloting Private Member’s Bills. This is a painstaking task, even drab and dry at times. A Private Member’s Bill seldom finds a way into the statute book. But the interest it generates among the members and the new ideas it brings to the fore have made it a unique parliamentary exercise; it has become the most eagerly awaited item of week’s business and most active and dedicated members attach top priority to debate on the private member’s bills.

If one closely follows the parliamentary career of Vijay Darda, one finds an impressive account of his role as a parliamentarian. He is one such member who takes his duty as a Member of Parliament very seriously. He has demonstrated remarkable dynamism in bringing a host of Private Member’s Bills to highlight the gaps in the key areas of public policies, besides delivering on his personal convictions and commitments.

He has fully utilised the legislative process to articulate the legitimate interests and causes he espouses. In his legislative initiatives as a Private Member, welfare of the vulnerable sections of the society, protection of their rights and liberties and issues of larger public interests have figured prominently.

One of the notable features of Vijay Darda’s career as a parliamentarian is that he has never shied away from raising the burning issues of the day. Hence, he takes up the cause of whistle blowers and seeks protection for them. He wants regulation of mobile phones with camera. He does not hesitate to talk about the cash-for-question scam that involves even the fellow parliamentarians.

He was so moved by the increasing burden of the school bag on the backs of the school children that he wanted the weight of the school bag to be prescribed. It requires a great sensitivity to dwell on this issue, which has been a victim of neglect and apathy of the policy makers.

On the other hand, given his familiarity with technology, he wants a legislation to protect database and wants the consumer protected from the fraud played, at times, in the form of ‘tele shopping’.

Rarely, if at all, a parliamentarian would have moved so many Private Member’s Bills and on such a wide variety of issues that deeply touch the people’s lives.

The Statement of Objects and Reasons of the some of the Private Member’s Bills piloted by Vijay Darda listed below will provide a glimpse of his multifaceted personality which is ingrained in his deep thinking and vast knowledge on several issues of abiding public interests:

  • The Supreme Court (Establishment of Permanent Bench at Nagpur) Bill, 2014

  • The Pathological Laboratories and Clinics (Regulation and Control) Bill, 2010

  • The Prevention of Atrocities on Women Bill, 2010

  • The Whistle Blowers (Protection in Public Interest Disclosures) Bill, 2010

  • The White Asbestos (Ban on Use and Import) Bill, 2009

  • The Compulsory Registration of Marriages Bill, 2007

  • The Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Bill, 2007

  • The Tele-Shopping (Protection of Consumer's Rights) Bill, 2006

  • The Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2006 (to amend articles 106 and 194)

  • The Children School Bags (Limitation on Weight) Bill, 2006

  • The Commissions for Protection of Child Rights (Amendment) Bill, 2006

  • The Electronic Waste (Handling and Disposal) Bill 2005

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Vijay Darda on Facebook