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СНПЧ А7 Ульяновск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Vijay Darda has conceptualized and published several books during his career. The subjects ranged from biography, tribute to martyrs, wildlife, sports, politics, social issues to spirituality. Some of the publications are showcased below.

Public Issues before Parliament

Thousands of members have had graced the Rajya Sabha since its inception in 1952. Many illustrious personalities served the Upper House with distinction and left an indelible imprint on the nation’s polity. Vijay Darda is one such member who has performed his duties as a parliamentarian with remarkable sincerity and commitment and, apart from raising host of important issues ranging from day-to-day concerns of the people to those bearing larger systemic and national significance, he is the lone member to have mooted the idea of establishment of a House Commission to look after the whole gamut of administration of the Rajya Sabha and matters connected therewith. He moved a Private member’s bill to this effect.  




Straight Thoughts

"I could not keep myself away from reading and writing about all the umpteen problems that haunt our nation and  society. These are the issues that keep churning within us, and kept on reminding us that "whatever else may happen, this picture has to change." It could be any issue. It could be the issue of reforms in the judiciary or the hunger, poverty and illiteracy among the poor or the suicides by the farmers, or the termites of terror and communalism that are eating away into the vitals of our democracy. As a journalist and as a politician, it has always been my attempt that the common man’s mind should reflect through the words that I put on paper with my pen and ink. If social transformation was the goal, then journalism was the medium. This book is a collection of my writings published on different occasions by the Lokmat Group of Newspapers." - Vijay Darda 



1st Nagpur Premier League

Nagpur Premier League (NPL) is a path-breaking initiative that has changed the face of football in the region and has added a new chapter to Nagpur's football history. During the 11-day football tournament, the city was in the grip of football frenzy that was never seen before. The endeavour, which involved months of planning and conceptualisation, could not have been possible without the able guidance of chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and Rajya Sabha member Vijay Darda. Very devoted to the cause of sports, be it kabaddi, wrestling or football, his aim is to give rightful place to the talented players in the society and promote sports disciplines other than cricket. Talking of NPL in particular, such was his passion that he was caught, literally speaking, thinking of NPL in the dead of night at Deekshabhoomi by another sports enthusiast a month ahead of NPL tournament.

All actions and excitements of the 1st Nagpur Premier League (NPL) have been chronicled in the coffee table book "Nagpur Premier League".


2nd Nagpur Premier League

NPL grows bigger: The second season of Nagpur Premier League - the unique sports mission of Lokmat Media Private limited - became more grand after the resounding success of NPL in its first year. The presence of Balaji Rao, owner of English Premier League team Blackburn Rovers, was like icing on the cake. The franchisee-based soccer event that was conceptualised through the initiatives of chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and Rajya Sabha member Vijay Darda has now taken over the pulse of the city. By organising football tournament on such a grand scale in Nagpur, Darda has successfully roped in talented sportspersons who have so far remained far away from the mainstream. No wonder then that NPL is growing from strength to strength each season. If there were 8 teams in the first season, the number grew to 10 in the second. The duration of the tournament too went up from a week to a fortnight, catching the attention of national and international-class players.

How it all happened and attracted the attention of global soccer enthusiasts is reflected in 2nd Nagpur Premier League coffee table book.



Wildlife photographer Baiju Patil is the real hero of the volume titled 'Wildscapes', says chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and Rajya Sabha member Vijay Darda, who has presented the coffee table book. Baiju shot this compilation, enticing one to turn one page after another, to drink in the poignancy of the beautiful locales and the raw intensity of the creatures. In the foreword written as a letter addressed to his grandchildren and dedicated to the youth, Darda laments that although God has blessed us abundantly, we do not value it. So it is vital to know that we can lose this 'treasure', if not conserved. Lord Mahavir had emphasised that even the minutest life form has the right to life and must be protected. Wildlife photography is a tough and risky job, that took Baiju to valleys, deserts, rivers, mountains and forests teeming with wildlife from

the tiniest to the most ferocious ones. The book showcases Indian wildlife in its true form.


Icons of Pune

With more than five million ambitious and upwardly mobile citizens, Pune has emerged as one of the top ten cities of India, metamorphosing to a throbbing business hub and an industrial city that has integrated into global economy. This transformation has been navigated through challenging times by talented entrepreneurs transcending generations. Lokmat Media has had the privilege of witnessing this metamorphosis. Indeed, from a modest beginning in 1999, Lokmat too has been a part of this growth story. Through the volume titled 'Icons of Pune', the media house profiles the men and women who shaped the Pune of the 21st century and brings you the journey of the city's growth in all the fields from industry to education and from business to culture. From huge industrial houses like Tata, Bajaj, Kalyani, Kirloskar, Fenolex, Firodia and Thermax to common man, Lokmat Media headed by its editorial board chairman Vijay Darda, has made a place in everyone's heart. The book is a tribute those who have selflessly contributed to the growth and development of the city.

The coffee table book "Icons of Pune" depicts the metamorphosis of a cultural city to a thriving industrial hub.


Lokmat Congress Centenary Special – 1985

The book was published to commemorate the completion of 100 years of Congress party. The book was released at the hands of the then Prime Minster Late Rajiv Gandhi in Mumbai. The book contains rare pictures and articles of historical importance. If the Indian democracy has not crumbled in the face of abject poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, superstition, weather vagaries and drought in the country, then the entire credit goes to the Congress party. The book encapsulates the party's journey along side the country's, during which both have shaped each other's destinies.



The book was conceived and published to welcome the new millennium. It contains a compilation of profiles of great men, from almost all spheres ranging from sports to art to culture, education and also politics, who left their indelible foot print on Indian diaspora and who would shine on the global firmament in future. The book is a document for coming generations to draw inspiration from. The book has been conceived with the belief that India holds a huge potential to usher in a new world order in the future.



The book is a collection of inspiring poems written by Lt Col V P Singh. It was released on 26th July, 2001 by the then Prime Minister, Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee on Kargil Vijay Diwas. When former defence minister George Fernandes expressed his wish to get the poems penned by Dr Singh published, chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and Rajya Sabha member Vijay Darda agreed to shoulder the responsibility. The book brings alive the saga of valour and is a tribute to the Indian soldiers who laid down their lives while safeguarding the nation's frontiers.


Sanskar Pushp

The book is an elaborate compilation of discourses by Sadhvi Preeti Sudhaji Maharaj Sahab in Nagpur in 1994. Sadhvi likens life to a swing. This volume is like a rainbow with all its shades and hues. In the book, the Sadhvi has touched almost every subject under the sun. The Sadhvi sends across the message of communal harmony effortlessly and in a very lucid manner. Her words of wisdom are like an oasis in the desert.



The book is a compilation of discourses by Bhaishree Rameshbhai Ojha. (Yavatmal-2003).


Vinoba Darshan

The book 'Vinoba Darshan' is dedicated to life and times of Vinobaji Bhave, who was one of the greatest spiritual leaders and reformers of modern India and whose exemplary work moved the hearts of countless Indians. Vinoba had launched the extraordinary Bhoodan Movement to persuade land owners to donate land to the landless and the poor. It can be key to poverty eradication even today. Authored by Gautam Bajaj, the book brings to life the greatness of a man we might tend to overlook in the daily humdrum of our lives.


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