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СНПЧ А7 Ульяновск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Keeping the uplift and all-round development of women in mind, Vijay Darda encouraged his wife Jyotsna to set up ‘Sakhi Manch’, an organisation exclusively for women. Now the Manch does not need an introduction as it has become a household name in entire Maharashtra for championing the cause of women. This platform for women has become a powerful tool to highlight the issues that concern women most. This has become possible because of the untiring and concerted efforts made by the Manch. The membership of the Manch has crossed 250,000 and that testifies to its popularity among the women folk. It's pertinent to note that many organizations in Maharashtra as well as in other states have launched similar women-centric forums after judging the success of “Lokmat Sakhi Manch”. Its probably the biggest women's organisation in the country. 

Empowering women has been one of the most talked about subject today and the need is to take it to its logical conclusion. Keeping this objective in view, the Lokmat Media, under the leadership of it chairman Vijay Darda, holds an annual Women’s Summit which emphasizes  the value and urgency of empowering women in more than one way.

Apart from vital issues concerning women, the Summit also focuses attention on the trail-blazing women of India who have contributed immensely in their own way to better the condition of women in society. The Summit has been an occasion to salute such pioneering women who have acted as beacons of empowering women to go ahead and showing others the path to be emulated.

He was one of the vocal voices in parliament for giving 33% reservation to women in legislatures. 

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