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СНПЧ А7 Ульяновск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Vijay Darda is conscious of the social role that a business enterprise must perform. He is of the view that a literate, educated, healthy, happy and enlightened society is an asset for the corporate sector that ensures balanced and enduring growth of business and industry. He has, therefore, set up several Trusts and Foundations for promotion of worthy and noble causes. Being a socially responsible corporate citizen, Vijay Darda has worked to strengthen indigenous industrial base in the backward region of Vidarbha by contributing to set up small, medium and large industries.

Vijay Darda is a deeply sensitive person who always strives for public good. Commitment to humanitarian work has been an inseparable part of his public life. Whenever natural calamities have struck any part of the country, he has spontaneously come forward to help the people in distress with relief, rehabilitation and construction work such as building of hospitals, schools, hostels and houses for a healthy and safe human habitat.

Under his able leadership, the Lokmat group has always been in the forefront to come to the help of the people in distress. During the devastating floods in Mowad, earthquakes in Latur and Beed in Maharashtra, Bhuj in Gujarat, Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and Munger in Bihar and Nepal Lokmat group helped redress the sufferings of the affected people by extending them moral and financial assistance through Lokmat Newspapers Charitable Trust.

After the Kargil conflict, Lokmat group constructed hostels for the children of war martyrs in cities like Nagpur, Aurangabad and Solapur and extended financial help to the tune of Rs 1 lakh each to 40 families of Kargil martyrs. Also after terror attacks in Mumbai on 26.11.2009, the Lokmat group collected Rs 32,49,000 and donated it to 18 families of policemen who sacrificed their lives for the motherland while fighting the terrorists.

Deeply concerned over the plight of Vinayakrao Tope, descendants of freedom fighter Martyr Tatya Tope, Vijay Darda helped him by offering Rs 5 lakh and also ensured that his sons get jobs and become self-dependent. Darda also helped Sultana Begum, great grand daughter-in-law of India's last Mughal Emperor Bahadurshah Zafar, in arranging marriage of her youngest daughter in Kolkata by donating a sum of Rs 2 lakhs.

It was under Darda's guidance and leadership that a food-aid programme was organised for the malnourished children of 36 most-affected villages of the Melghat region in Amravati district of Maharashtra.

Vijay Darda has always believed that for accelerating economic growth, the country needs a strong infrastructural base. He is, therefore, committed to building infrastructural facilities in sectors like power, road connectivity, and water-shed management and so on for the economic well-being of the vast sections of the poor and the deprived inhabiting the backward regions.

Vijay Darda has been deeply concerned over the growing incidence of farmers’ suicide in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. He not only articulated their grievances in the country’s highest decision making fora but also facilitated government’s special package of assistance for the well-being of the farmers of Vidarbha region. Conscious of the deprivation suffered by the small and marginal farmers, he made all out efforts to ensure timely supply of scientific know-how, agricultural inputs and institutional credits to the farmers in distress.

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